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Brand new weekly podcast with Mike and Dale Carroll.
Join our hosts as they explore a wide-range of topics covering
everything from sports and pop-culture to philosophy and
technology. Each episode also includes new cocktail recipes
and reviews of different craft beers and microbrews.
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This Week's Show

DrinksWithDad is a weekly conversation between two guys that covers a wide range of subjects. Sports, Movies, Philosophy, Generational Differences, Music, Technology, Embarrassing Moments, Relationships, Mental Health, Booze, Entertainment News, the list goes on. Join Mike and Dale as they explore the past, present, and future through their own unique prism.

Mixed in with the discussion, each show will include a new cocktail recipe, a craft beer choice of the week, and a healthy dose of expletives.  Hope you all enjoy and Thanks for visiting!

  • The DWD Podcast – Episode 1b

    Drinks with Dad Podcast - Episode 1b Play in new window | Download (Duration: 56:42 — 52.3MB)In the second half of our 2-part first episode, our heroes discuss the differences with growing up in their respective generations, the influence of music on the Carroll family household, and what it means to fit in with your peers. PLUS: Hear the origin story […]

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Who are the hosts?

Mike Carroll @_TheDarkMike

Mike is the younger half of the DrinksWithDad duo, being born and raised in Central New Jersey. He is an aspiring filmmaker with absolutely no Hollywood connections, prior experience, or any known talents to speak of. What he DOES have, is a very particular set of skills. These skills include consuming mass amounts of alcohol, pondering life’s mysteries, and blabbing into a microphone. Much like how Tony Stark was able to take a few pieces of scrap metal in the desert and create Iron Man, Mike Carroll is ready to save the world one podcast at a time. Or something like that…

Dale Carroll @isoluva

The other half of the DrinksWithDad duo is Dale, a life long New Jersey resident currently employed in the IT field. In his off hours Dale spends his free time rooting or berating the Knicks or the Niners, depending upon the season. When time permits Dale can be found trying to improve his skill set as an amateur photographer and DJ, but unfortunately he manages to spend more money than time on both. While barely managing to balance his hectic schedule as family chauffeur with all his part time hobbies, of course then it makes perfect sense for him to add a podcast to the list. Truthfully told, since some of the most funny, entertaining, and maddeningly frustrating conversations have been with his first born, Michael, for Dale, it was a no brainer.