• The DWD Podcast – Episode 1a

In our inaugural installment, our heroes introduce themselves to the world and take a trip down memory lane.  Kick back and listen as Mike interrogates his father on the implications of fatherhood in your mid-twenties and they both offer their philosophies on the definition of success. Check out our Craft Beer of the Week after the jump.spring



Craft Beer of the Week


This week’s craft beer comes to us by way of the Blue Point Brewing company out of Long Island, New York. Here’s a quote from their website:

When the Winter is over, Spring is nature’s way of saying “hey, let’s party!” Spring Fling is how we welcome the warmer weather and spirits. Spring Fling Copper Ale strikes a perfect balance between the malty flavor of special German barley and the zesty spice of fresh American hops that results in a delicious, extremely easy to drink brew. The exquisite blend creates a harbinger of the new season with a delicate hop aroma which delivers a perfect pairing for your Spring Fever. Handcrafted from a unique blend of malts, Spring Fling Ale is a perfectly balanced copper ale that delivers a crisp and refreshing taste with subtle hints of nuts and honey. The arrival of Spring Fling means Winter has passed and Summer is right around the corner.

Check out more info on this specific here:
Spring Fling from Blue Point Brewing Company

And here’s a link to the rest of their offerings:
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