• The DWD Podcast – Episode 1b

In the second half of our 2-part first episode, our heroes discuss the differences with growing up in their respective generations, the influence of music on the Carroll family household, and what it means to fit in with your peers. PLUS: Hear the origin story as to why Mike had such a strict upbringing in his teenage years. Get the recipe for Dad’s Cocktail of the Week after the jump…


Dad’s Cocktail of the Week




This week’s cocktail was a delicious mango mojito. This is actually a fairly simple drink to make. Here are the ingredients for two 6 oz. servings:

  • 6 oz. Cruzan Mango Rum
  • 6 oz. SodaStream Tonic Water (You can substitute with regular tonic if you don’t have a SodaStream machine.
  • Fresh Mint Leaves from 2-3 stems (Leaves only – discard stems)
  • 1 Freshly sliced lime – (Squeeze juice from lime ends into drink – hang slice on glass)

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s Drinks with Dad Podcast – Episode 1b